Nova 25 oz Tea Infuser Bottle

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Plain old water is boring. Water infused with your favorite tea and fruit? So much better.

Due to popular demand, we launched a larger 25 oz tea infuser bottle. Unlike generic brands, ours comes with a large capacity mesh strainer and basket for tea or fruits. Simply fill the infuser with your choice of tea or fruit pieces, pour in water, and enjoy.




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Removable Strainer Included

Comes with an extra-long strainer that snaps in to infuse tea & fruit.

Boost Your Water With Vitamins & Antioxidants

Experience the health benefits of tea & fruit infusion, such as boosted mental clarity and metabolism.

Keeps Hot or Cold All Day

Our ThermoShield™ technology keeps drinks hot up to 12 hrs and cold up to 32 hrs.

Durable Nylon Strap

Conveniently carry your bottle anywhere using the durable nylon strap.

Multi-Function Infuser

Loose Leaf Tea

Fruit Pieces

Yerba Mate

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Great bottle

I love this water bottle! It keeps my water nice and cold, it doesn't leak, and the infuser basket is perfect for stuffing with fresh mint to give my hydration a boost of flavor! My only complaint is the fact that it doesn't fit in my cupholder, so I have to keep it in my passenger seat. It's rolled off a few times, and during one of those falls, it hit my center console hard enough to leave a dent in the top of the lid. I also wish there was an easy way to clip a carabiner to it. I used to wear my old plastic water bottle on my belt when was out working in the sun, and there really isn't a good way to do that with this one. Other than that, the color (celestial blue) is beautiful, I was pleasantly surprised by the no-skid rubberized bottom, and my water tastes way better out of this than it did from my old bottle.

LOVE This Thing!

I purchased this bottle because I was tired of spilling tea all over myself...and because it's red. Red matches most of the appliances in our kitchen (for now), so I was given explicit permission to purchase this bottle specifically.

The bottle arrived in very clean packaging - looked really cool. So I pull the bottle out of the box. I go to set the bottle on the table. Mess that up. The bottle promptly falls off the table, onto the chair, rolls off the chair, drops down onto the chainsaw (What? Where do you keep yours?), then finally onto the ceramic floor - first thing before I even get the chance to really admire the metallic red finish and clean design!!!! So I pick up the bottle, and the thing is STILL in perfect shape!

So I go to make some tea - because otherwise I drink soda all day and soda is œbad for me! Disassembling the bottle to get to the basket is totally simple! Only thing I needed to be sure on was to properly press the basket (with the screw-on lid) back into the bottle (you don't just set it back in there - it does pop back in). Done and done!

About 5 hours after pouring the tea water into the bottle, it's still steaming hot. About 10 hours later I'm able to start drinking my tea. This thing definitely keeps your hot liquids hot!

This bottle is awesome and I would definitely purchase it again.

Best tea ive had

Very good product and service. This infuser not only keeps ur tea strong with flavor because it stays in the lid of the thermous, but it also helps keep the tea hot even when the lid is off.

Highly recomend best experience ive had with loose leave tea devices.

Also amazing service had an issue and they got back to me and fixed it within an hour



Growler Wide Mouth Lid
Growler Wide Mouth Lid

Growler Wide Mouth Lid

Loose Leaf Yerba Mate
Loose Leaf Yerba Mate
Loose Leaf Yerba Mate
Loose Leaf Yerba Mate
Loose Leaf Yerba Mate
Loose Leaf Yerba Mate
Loose Leaf Yerba Mate
Loose Leaf Yerba Mate

Loose Leaf Yerba Mate