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Hunter Jackson

Huffy 20-inch Sea Star Girls' Bike, Blue and Pink

Huffy 20-inch Sea Star Girls' Bike, Blue and Pink

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Eye-catching blue and pink colors combine with heart-shaped patterns on this one-of-a-kind 20-inch Sea Star bike for girls. This 20 inch bicycle features a fun, energetic style with festive colors of blue and white that boldly stand out against the steel-blue frame. The comfortably padded seat and fully decorated handlebar pad compliment the overall style. Plus, your child is sure to adore the sparkly streamers that travel freely as she pedals, with a Huffy EZ Build, only from Huffy, it's quick and easy to assemble. Just 3 easy steps: Insert handlebar and fork and then securely tighten the bolt. Fold-out the pedals until they click into place. Then insert the seat and tighten the quick-release clamp. That's it, in minutes, your child will be enjoying this fancy Huffy 20-inch girls' bike To see other Huffy products for kids in action, visit our YouTube channel! For more Huffy Content, visit our Instagram Page!

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