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Hunter Jackson

BStock: QSC PLD4.5 Flexible 4 Channel Processing Amplifier

BStock: QSC PLD4.5 Flexible 4 Channel Processing Amplifier

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The QSC PLD4.5 is four flexible channels of up to 2000 watts each, lightweight Power Light universal power supply, DSP on-board for each channel, and all the right connectors, the PLD4.5 is ideal for production and live sound applications. The QSC PLD Series represents a revolutionary advancement in amplifier technology and innovation. Designed specifically for the needs of portable and production sound system users, PLD provides efficient, robust and extraordinarily high-fidelity power to drive multiple channels and configurations of loudspeakers while simultaneously deploying sophisticated digital processing 閳?all with minimal operator complexity.鑱?/p>

Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology

PLD amplifiers feature Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST) that actively distributes the total amplifier power in various combinations across one, two, three, or all four outputs. This flexibility allows PLD Series amplifiers to drive (for example) four full-range loudspeakers or subwoofers; a high-power subwoofer and a bi-amplified speaker; a single high-power full-range loudspeaker and subwoofer combo; or multiple power-hungry subwoofers from a single, very high output mono-block.

Advanced Amplifier Technology

The PLD Series amplifiers use QSC fourth generation class-D power amp design in combination with a custom power stage utilizing a new, purpose-built output device. These innovative MOSFET devices provide high voltage operation without needing a full bridge output and offer superior audio quality due to the co-location of the semiconductors. Additionally, PLD amps benefit from the famed and road-proven PowerLight power supply, further enhanced with Power Factor Correction (PFC) that aligns the current waveform with the AC mains voltage waveform. PFC enables PLD Series amps to draw current from the wall in a more efficient and controlled manner resulting in incredible power from a single standard AC breaker. Additionally, the PLD Series amps offer multi-stage sleep modes, saving energy when possible without ever sacrificing performance. The result is an exceptionally powerful and flexible platform that offers low weight and outstanding efficiency.

Space Efficient

With four channels of amplification plus drive rack signal processing in just 2RU, the PLD Series replaces equipment taking up as much as three times the rack-space. Simple to Use With a dedicated front panel UI complete with LED meters and indicators, a 400脳240 TFT color display, a rotary encoder and ergonomic navigation buttons, PLD amplifiers provide an intuitive interface for the user to control the system. The simplicity of the PLD amps is further illustrated by the fact that a complete system can be set up in mere minutes.

Product Specifications:

Input connectors: Female XLR

Output connectors: NL4

AC Power Input: Universal Power Supply 100 鈥?240 VAC, 50 鈥?60 Hz

Dimensions (HWD):鑱?3.5閳?x 19閳?x 16閳? (89mm x 482mm x 406mm)

Weight: 22.0 lb (10.0 kg)

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