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Hunter Jackson

BRUMATE- Rose Taupe Era 40oz

BRUMATE- Rose Taupe Era 40oz

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The straw tumbler is entering a new era. Our Era tumbler is designed for stress-free on-the-go sipping and is completely leakproof. You can enjoy 40 ounces of your favorite beverage spill-free throughout your daily journey thanks to its fully leakproof 眉-Turn lid, which works for both cold and carbonated beverages. It also features a cup-holder friendly base, BevGuard technology to keep ice for more than 24 hours, and a ColdKey metal straw to reduce the amount of plastic sitting in your water.When locked, Era tumblers are completely leakproof when used for cold liquids and carbonated drinks with ice. It is not advised to use this device in the locked position when drinking hot liquids.

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