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Hunter Jackson

Blue Chair Bay Rum Cream, Banana - 750 ml

Blue Chair Bay Rum Cream, Banana - 750 ml

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Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum is a tropical tour-de-force that transports you directly to the island's sunny shores. Infused with luscious caramelized banana, balanced with a hint of exotic island spices and a whisper of toasted coconut, this is not your average white rum. As a new benchmark in flavored spirits, this rum redefines the beloved Banana daiquiri, elevating it to new heights of sophistication and taste. Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum is a treasured addition to our Rum collection and an exquisite choice for those with an inclination towards fruit-infused spirits. This bottle is an ode to the tropical flavors, making it a fine addition to our Flavored Rum assortment. The production process, overseen by one of the industry's renowned master blenders, Mike Booth, is held in the idyllic settings of Barbados, utilizing traditional Caribbean methods. An interesting fact to note is that the brand prides itself on its 'beach-to-bottle' philosophy, with every part of the rum-making process, from distillation to aging and blending, occurring on the Caribbean shores. Interestingly, the brand's commitment to the environment is commendable, with a portion of every bottle sold going towards ocean preservation, aligning with the coastal ethos of the brand. Notably, the Banana Rum is not just popular among the regular rum drinkers but has also become a favored choice among the younger demographic who are captivated by its innovative fusion of traditional rum with the enticing flavor of caramelized banana, giving the classic spirit a contemporary spin. Lastly, this delightful concoction has also found a place in the culinary world, being used as a unique ingredient in desserts and cocktails, owing to its sweet and tropical flavor profile.

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