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Hunter Jackson

Blue Chair Bay Rum, Coconut, Premium Blend - 750 ml

Blue Chair Bay Rum, Coconut, Premium Blend - 750 ml

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Kenny Chesney, the originator and proprietor of Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum, is a country artist who served as an inspiration for the creation of this premium blended rum. This is coconut rum at its natural strength, as smooth as a sea breeze, the way it was supposed to be. It takes inspiration from locations where you may sail up, swim ashore, and use wet money to pay for a round. served in locations where shoes are no longer an option. With a proof level of 26.5%, the flavored rums have more rum than their competitors. Your cocktail will taste richer as a result of this. Ice does not lessen the flavor of your rum cocktail as much as it does with competing brands because of the stronger strength.

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