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Hunter Jackson

Air CoolerHiFresh Evaporative Cooling Fan Bladeless Tower Fan w Remote

Air CoolerHiFresh Evaporative Cooling Fan Bladeless Tower Fan w Remote

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Bring You A Cool and Fresh Summer with FRESH! Are you worried about not being able to cool on the hot summer days? And are you worried about getting sick in an over-air-conditioned room? 鑱紽RESH鑱紼vaporative Air Cooler will be your #1 choice, save and comfort you in the whole summer! Featured with鑱? 3鑱絝an modes&speeds,鑱給ne button鑱絫o鑱? Super-power wind, and鑱? 80鎺宠伣vertical-horizontal oscillating airflow, this air cooler has multiple cooling options that meet all your needs. Easy to do all settings with 鑱?0ft Remote Control鑱給r鑱? LED鑱絛igital touch panel. The whisper-quiet cooling fan with a鑱? 12H鑱絋imer accompanies you throughout the night for a comfortable sleep!

The most suitable portable air cooler for families! It is difficult to choose a tower fan that suits everyone in the family. We clearly understand your needs! HiFresh evaporative air cooler is large enough to be used in the living room. And it has an 80-degree rotation, a large 1.3-gallon water tank, and the water tank can work continuously for up to 10 hours! Can bring extreme coolness to your family. At the same time, it is also very suitable for the elderly and children. It has a unique intelligent sleep mode that can automatically adjust the wind speed according to the time.


Different from other tower fans, the tower fan has a removable back cover, which makes maintenance much more manageable. To clean the dusty outside of the air filter monthly with a slightly damp or dry cloth, enjoy fresh cooling air every day.


Simply evaporate the water in the water tank to cool down the heat around you, without consuming the water in the air. You can keep moist while you enjoy the coolness, and avoid drynes. The fan fits any space in your room and distributes cooling air wherever you need it.


4-swivel caster wheels allow you to move the tower fan to any space where you need extra cooling. 2 of the wheels can be locking to stable the fan. Once brake, the tower fan could not be easily moved by accident touch.


  • 閿? in 1 Evaporative Air Cooler, Real Game Changer in Summer閵嗘厰iFresh evaporative air cooler can be used as a fan, humidifier, or air cooler (not traditional AC). With 4 modes (natural, sleep, cool, super) and 3 speeds (low, medium, and high) to personalize the heat dissipation effect, 12 combinations will redefine your summer cooling method. Whether it鈥檚 the icy cold you can experience on a snowy mountain or the breeze by the lake, HiFresh meets all your cooling needs!
  • 閿?0鎺?Widespread Oscillation & Remote Control閵嗘厤ompared with many other towers fans that only have 60-degree horizontal oscillation, HiFresh air cooler can provide 80鎺?widespread oscillation, not only horizontally but vertically. It distributes cooling air around your space evenly and more efficiently. Plus, just a click to control your fan from 20ft, making it possible to watch the latest TV series or read on the sofa without moving half afoot!
  • 閵嗘€盿ve your Wallet, Save the Earth閵嗘叄raditional air conditioners use compressors and refrigerants, which will increase electricity bills and the burden on the earth. HiFresh Evaporative cooler uses only water, a fan motor, and a pump to cool or humidify your space but only costs pennies. Its eco-friendly cooling method does not utilize any chemicals or refrigerants, and it can also save you a lot of electricity bills. Choose green and eco life, come with HiFresh to give our mother earth a break!
  • 閵嗘€癳movable & Portable Design閵嗘厫quipped with 4 heavy-duty wheels(2 lockings and 2 non-lockings) that are 360-degree rotated, you can make the air cooler easy to roll into the place you need. Besides, a hidden handle on the top that you can easily lift the fan. With these two compact designs that you can conveniently remove the air cooler in conditions like a living room, bedroom, patios, garages, warehouses, and more. Enjoy the fast coolness where you do not have a central AC.
  • 閵嗘€憍clusive Smart Sleep Mode閵嗘厲n addition to the mute of less than 45 dB, HiFresh also designed a unique intelligent sleep mode. The wind speed will change over time. It will cool down quickly when you sleep lightly. After you enter deep sleep, the machine will enter a breeze to take care of your sleep. Ideal for children or the elderly at home, HiFresh will keep you comfortable all night without worrying about inflammation and dryness of your skin!



Item Dimensions LxWxH 11 x 10 x 32 inches Controls Type Remote Form Factor Tower Number of Speeds 3 Speed L/M/H/Super L/M/H L/M/H Mode Normal/Natural/Sleep/Cooling Normal/Natural/Sleep/Cooling Max Oscillation 80 Degree 70 Degree Max Timer 12 Hours 12 Hours Height 32 Inches 43 Inches Max Cap. Of Water 1.3 gallon 1 gallon Control Method Remote Control/Top-mounted Control Remote Control/Top-mounted Control Bladeless Design 閿?/span> 閿?/span> 閿?/span> Using Scene Living Room,Bedroom,Office,Kitchen, Indoor & Ourdoor, Etc Living Room,Bedroom ,Office,Kitchen,Indoor & Ourdoor, Etc Home/Office/Study Ultra-quiet Lower than 40dB Lower Than 55 db




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