Our Story

Hi there!

My name is Alan and I’m the co-founder of Here & Now Supply, a family-owned-and-operated brand that creates mindfulness-inspired products. 

My dad and I started this business in 2018 because he was living paycheck to paycheck with a dead-end job at the age of 60. I couldn’t bear to watch him continue to struggle, especially after sacrificing everything he had to escape by boat and immigrate to the US after the Vietnam War. In desperation to make ends meet, I collaborated with him to start an e-commerce business while in graduate school studying speech therapy. 

With limited funds, I decided to learn digital marketing, graphic design, and product photography so we could run everything in-house. We even got my 5-year-old brother to help us carry around the tripod as we shot product photos in our garage.

Within a few months, we created this brand and launched our very first product, the multi-purpose infuser bottle. Fast forward to now, Here & Now Supply has grown to a team of four passionate individuals, and our products have reached thousands of individuals around the globe.

Our brand name is inspired by the idea of living in the present moment since practicing mindfulness is something my dad and I often bond over. This practice continues to bridge the cultural and generational gap between us. That’s why all our products are inspired and designed with this theme in mind.

If you’ve purchased from us, we sincerely thank you and we hope you are enjoying your product. If you are a new visitor and simply browsing, welcome.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help.

A lotus for you,
Alan Vu
Co-Founder & CEO
Here & Now Supply