Our Story


My name is Alan and I am the co-founder of Here & Now Supply Co. I wanted to share the backstory of this family owned business.

First off, I am a speech-language pathology graduate student and my father is a software engineer. My father escaped by boat from the communist regime after the Vietnam War and started a new life here in the United States as a young adult. From there, he graduated from University of California, Irvine and started a career as a software engineer.

As of recently, my dad began struggling to make ends meet with his job. Being a contractor, his livelihood was at stake every month depending on whether he was able to get an extension on his contract. He is currently 60 years old, which unfortunately is a difficult age to maintain or find a new job as a software engineer. 

In desperation to create another source of income, he decided to enter the realm of e-commerce, otherwise known as online business. I noticed he was struggling to balance work and learning about e-commerce. During my break between obtaining my Bachelor's and beginning graduate school, I stepped in to learn about the business and eventually began spearheading all the operations. Within a few months, we created this brand and launched our very first product, the multi-purpose infuser bottle. Fast forward to now, Here & Now Supply has grown to a team of four passionate individuals, and our products have reached thousands of individuals around the globe.

Our brand name started with the idea of being grounded in the present moment since the practice of mindfulness is something my dad and I often bond over. This practice continues to bridge the cultural and generational gap between us. That’s why all our products are inspired and designed with this theme in mind.

If you’ve purchased from us, we sincerely thank you and we hope you are enjoying your product. If you are a new visitor and simply browsing our page, welcome.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help.

A lotus for you,
Alan Vu
Co-Founder & CEO
Here & Now Supply