Core Values

At Here & Now Supply, we take pride in our core values and ensure that our team lives by them day in and day out.

Our core values are:

  1. Customer Experience: We will do everything in our capacity to ensure a positive customer experience from discovery (i.e., finding our product listing/website) to receiving and using our product.

    1. Win-Win:  No one needs to succeed at anyone’s expense.  In any scenario that requires an agreement from both sides, we will always strive to find a win-win solution. This includes but is not limited to: paying our freelancers and workers a fair living wage, ensuring that we source from factories that have proper working conditions, finding solutions that result in the satisfaction of all parties.

    2. Integrity & Trust:  These two things are interconnected. We understand that by always being true to our word, we establish trust within our customers, our vendors, our partners, and amongst our team.

    3. Proactive accountability:  We understand our roles and responsibilities.  Understanding that our quality of work upholds the standards of the brand, we will avoid “cutting corners” or finding shortcuts that produce subpar results.

    4. Freedom & Autonomy:  We always strive for our team members to create the freedom they want in their lives to take adequate care of their health (mental, physical, emotional), their families, and other aspects of their lives. That’s why we work remotely during hours that are convenient for us while accomplishing the required operations of the business.  We also understand that our collective freedom and autonomy are better upheld when everyone remains accountable.

    5. Give Back to the Planet:  We will do everything we can to source sustainable materials and donate at least 1% of our annual revenue to environmental nonprofits/charities as we committed through our 1% for the Planet membership.